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      At The Soap Opera, you will find the best possible service, and widest possible choice of bathing items, grooming products, gifts, and more. In store you will be greeted by one of our friendly sales associates, here to help you find what you’re looking for! Your online or phone order is shipped quickly, products are of the highest quality, and we offer quantity discounts.

      We also run on 100% green power in the shop and through our web server. We try to give back to the environment in many ways through our products and practices.  You can read our blog HERE on how we run our business as green as possible.

      We are always eager to communicate with you, and we are responsive to your needs. Every order passes through human hands, and is packed with care. Security on our site is the best available, and you are fully protected with our online processing service.

      We are pleased to be helping YOU.

      Thanks for your faith in us,

      The Scannell’s