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      When The Soap Opera was first opened in 1972, the business was created to have a special presence in the community, but also wanted to ensure we served the environment. Selling Eco-friendly products and doing all we can to support the wonderful Earth we live on, is something our owner is very passionate about!

      With that being said, we know many of you are being “smart consumers” and researching the places you spend your money at.  We think this a great idea and as consumers ourselves, we also do this when making our own purchases for products we sell in our shop.  Here are a few reasons why we would love for you to shop with us, if you care about the environment:

      • We have switched to 100% Green renewable energy in our physical retail store AND our website. What does that mean? It means we will saves 17 TONS of carbon dioxide from filling our air per year, and it will also stop 16,241 pounds of coal from being burnt in just our store alone. Via our website we use the #1 Green Energy web hosting provider in the world. We put 3 times the power we use (which is made via clean energy) back into green energy sources such as solar panels. 
      • You can re-fill any of our house products to stop the use of one-time use plastic, AND get a discount for doing so! We have everything for bathing & grooming! Body wash, shampoo, lotion, etc that you can have re-filled over and over again, so you are not contributing to the problem of plastic in our world today. Plus all of our house items are extremely natural and/or organic, and can come unscented or custom scented to your liking. View our House products HERE.
      • If you have your own container you’d like to fill with our house products, we are happy to do so, and give you a discount for doing this! The container MUST be 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, or 16oz however. View our House products HERE.
      • In 2017 we switched all of our old light bulbs out and replaced them with eco-friendly LED bulbs!
      • We sell Eco-friendly products. From candles that are completely clean burning, with recycled packaging, with soy ink for printing on the package, to shampoo bars wrapped in recycled paper you can trust the products you’re getting from us have been researched with the environment in mind.  
      • When you purchase from us online we recycle packaging! When our orders come in they use many boxes and other packing materials to get their wonderful goods to us. So, instead of throwing them into a landfill, we repurpose those materials to ship out the great products you buy from us! 
      • We use to hold onto thousands of receipts per year, for every single transaction run in the store. We have since digitalized all of these records as of 2016, and have you sign with your finger on a screen, rather than on a paper receipt. Receipt paper is not recyclable, so opting to an emailed/text receipt, or non is a great alternative we offer! 

      Shipping & Recycling

      THE SOAP OPERA purchases next to no packaging materials. We simply reuse what is shipped to us. The Styrofoam “peanuts” you receive are completely reusable (a form of recycling).

      Recycling Styrofoam “peanuts” is easy: First, save them up, then call any of the local “packaging services” listed in your yellow pages. All packaging businesses will gladly accept your recycled material and reuse it. We can all do our part to keep this material from entering the waste stream by recycling it…starting today.

      At The Soap Opera we also reuse almost every cardboard box that we receive with our incoming freight. We use these boxes and cartons and shipping materials to ship orders to you. And your community will likely accept this cardboard for local recycling.

      Interestingly, at The Soap Opera the balance between incoming and outgoing “peanuts” and cardboard usually matches almost perfectly, and remarkably it has remained this way for almost 40 years suggesting many TONS of material has been used again and again by us!

      Going completely green is such an easy and affordable thing to do.  It gets the stigma of being ” hard and expensive” but trust us, it doesn’t have to be!  We are totally committed to being and staying green as a company, and as consumers.  We hope you not only join us, but help support us in our mission by being a customer.