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Ingredient Reference Guide


Our products are 100% biodegradable, cruelty free (no animal testing) products based on earth-friendly, safe, effective ingredients.

Ingredient Source Function/Benefits
Acetylated Lanolin lanolin moisturizer, emollient
Lanolin Alcohol
lanolin moisturizer, emollient
Alcloxa allantoin derivative anti-bacterial, astringent, skin soother
Algin seaweed bodying agent & stabilizer
Allantoin active ingr. in comfrey root, commercially produced from urea skin soother, anti-bacterial agent
Almond Meal  almonds exfoliant, thickener
Almond Oil almonds emollient
Aloe Vera Gel aloe vera plant soothes, protects skin
Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate derived from lauryl alcohol emulsifier, surfactant
Apple Cider Vinegar derived from Apple Cider, vinegar and water cleanser, pH balancer
Apricot Kernel Oil crushed apricot seeds emollient
Arnica Extract arnica skin soother
Avocado Oil avocado emollient
Azulene chamomile flowers skin soother, detoxifier, coloring agent
Balm Mint Extract balm mint leaves skin & scalp soother
Beeswax honeycomb emulsifier
Bentonite volcanic ash clay absorbs oil, thickener
Benzalkonium Chloride organic compound surfactant, preservative, anti-static agent
Benzethonium Chloride organic compound surfactant, preservative
Benzoic Acid tree resin preservative
Beta Carotene plants anti-oxidant, natural coloring agent
Birch Leaf Extract birch tree anti-irritant, analgesic properties
Birch Sap Extract birch tree astringent, refresher, soother, healer
Birch Bark Extract birch tree skin freshener, astringent & cleanser
Bismuth Oxychloride mineral salt lends a pearlescent look
Black Walnut Extract black walnut cleanser, astringent
organic compound preservative
Burdock Extract burdock root calms & soothes dry skin
Butylene Glycol corn sugar humectant
Calcium Pantothenate B-vitamin thickener, emollient
Calendula Extract calendula flowers anti-inflammatory, soothes & heals
Chamomile (Matricaria) Extract chamomile flowers hair brightener, skin soother, calming
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride coconut or palm kernel oil emollient
Caramel liquid corn syrup coloring agent
Carbomer 934, 940 organic compound thickener, stabilizer
Carnauba wax from the leaves of the Brazilian "tree of life" gives luster & body to lip gloss
Carotene (Vitamin A) plants anti-oxidant, coloring agent
Castor Oil castor bean protective oil that is soothing to skin
Cellulose Gum plants emulsifier, thickening agent
Ceteareth-4, -20 fatty vegetable acids, coconut & palm oils emollient, emulsifier
Cetearyl Alcohol coconut or palm kernel oils stabilizer, emulsifier, emollient
Ceteth-5, -16, -24, 25 lanolin derivatives emollient, moisturizer
Cetrimonium Bromide palmitic acid derivative adds shine, detangles, hair softener
Cetrimonium Chloride palm oil derivative surfactant, anti-static element
Cetyl Acetate cetyl alcohol derivative emulsifier
Cetyl Alcohol derived from coconut or palm kernel oils emulsifier, emollient
Cetyl Octanoate derived from cetyl alcohol and 2-ethylhexanoic acid moisturizer
Cetyl Palmitate derived from cetyl alcohol & palmitic acid emollient
Chlorophyllin Copper Complex plants skin soother
Cholesterol commercially derived from lanolin moisturizer, emulsifier
Choleth-24 lanolin water soluble moisturizer
Citric Acid Citrus fruits adjust pH level
Clover Blossom clover flower skin softener
Cocamidapropyl Betaine coconut oil derivative mild cleanser, anti-static agent
Cocamide DEA coconut oil derivative increase viscosity, boosts foam
Cocoa Butter cocoa beans emollient, forms moisture barrier
Cocoamphodiacetate coconut oil derivative mild cleanser
Coconut Oil coconut kernels emollient, forms moisture barrier
Collagen protein found in connective tissue skin moisturizer, repairs damaged hair
Coloring Agents FDA approved pigments see glossary
Coltsfoot Extract Tussilago farfara plant soothing, anti-inflammatory
Comfrey Extract comfrey plant roots soothing, healing, anti-bacterial
Corn Flower Extract french meadow blossom skin soother
Corn Flour corn seed thickener, absorbs excess oil
Corn Starch corn absorbs oil & excess moisture
Cranesbill Extract wild geranium plant astringent
Cucumber Extract cucumber soothing, cooling, softening, astringent & emollient
Cyclomethicone silicone derivative hair conditioner, detangler, adds shine
Dead Sea Salts natural mineral salts purifying, toning, reviving
DEA Lauramino-
derived from propionic acid salts naturally occurring in apples, strawberries, tea & violet leaves surfactant, cleanser
Diazolidinyl Urea organic compound preservative
Dicetyldimonium Chloride palmitic acid derivative anti-static, hair detangler
Diisopropyl Adipate adipic acid found in beets emollient, lubricant
Dimenthicone silicone skin softener, forms protective barrier
Dimethicone Copolyol silicone creates a protective film barrier, adds a smooth, silky feel
Dipropylene Glycol (DPG) organic compound humectant, gives lubricious feel, fragrance dilutant
Disodium Cocamphodiacetate coconut oil surfactant
Disodium EDTA organic compound preservative
Disodium Oleamido PEG-2 Sulfosuccinate organic compound mild surfactant, builds foamy lather
Disodium Oleamido Mipa-Sulfosuccinate organic compound mild surfactant, builds foamy lather
DMDM Hydantoin organic compound preservative
Elder Flower Extract elder tree moisturizer
Emulsifying Wax vegetable oil emulsifier
Ethoxydiglycol petroleum solvent
Eucalyptus Oil leaves of eucalyptus tree cooling, uplifting
Evening Primrose Oil seeds of Evening Primrose skin soother
Fragrance natural essential oil or perfume oil fragrance
Fragrance Polymer Powder natural essential oil or perfume oil form of fragrance used in body products
Ginseng Extract ginger roots revitalizing, skin soother
Glycerin  vegetable fats humectant moisturizer, gives a lubricious feel, emollient, skin softener, conditioner
Glyceryl Stearate derived from stearic acid & glycerin emulsifier, humectant
Glycol Stearate vegetable stearic acid pearlescent, emulsifier & emollient
Glycolic Acid sugar cane exfoliant
Green Tea Extract green tea leaves anti-oxidant
Guanine fish scales pearlescent agent
Guar Hydroxypropyl-trimonium Chloride  organic compound preservative, surfactant
Hexylene Glycol organic compound a polyol that prevents gelling
Honey nectar of flowers thickener, emollient
Horsetail Extract plant exfoliant, skin softener
Hybrid Safflower Oil castor bean skin-soothing, lustrous wax
Hydrolyzed Elastin protein found in connective tissue holds in moisture
Hydrolyzed Keratin human hair proteins strengthens hair shaft, skin & hair moisturizer
Hydrolyzed Milk Protein milk proteins hair & skin moisturizer, strengthens hair shaft
Hydroxyethyl Cellulose plants thickener
Hydroxylated Lanolin plants holds in moisture
Hydroxypropyl Cellulose fibrous plants emulsifier, thickener & stabilizer
Inositol corn humectant
Irish Moss sea plant skin smoother, emulsifier
Iron Oxides natural minerals coloring agents (predominantly earth shades)
Isopropyl Lanolate lanolin derivative moisturizer
Isopropyl Myristate tropical oils derivative light weight, non-greasy, emollient
Isopropyl Palmitate fatty vegetable acid emulsifier & texturizer
Isostearyl Alcohol organic compound water dispersant for oils
Jojoba Oil jojoba bean lubricant
Kaolin natural China clay absorbs oil
Keratin Amino Acids animal protein, human hair skin moisturizer, repairs damaged hair
Laneth-5, -16, -25 lanolin derivative hair conditioner, adds shine, moisturizer
Lanolin wool moisturizer
Lanolin Alcohol lanolin derivative moisturizer
Lanolin Oil liquified portion of purified lanolin moisturizer
Lauramide DEA coconut oil surfactant, softener
Lauramide Oxide coconut oil surfactant, builds foam
Lavadin Essential Oil hybrid lavender plant stimulating, uplifting
Lavender Essential Oil flowers from lavender plant aromatic, stimulates metabolism, antibiotic, antiseptic & calming
Lecithin egg yolk, soybeans humectant, emulsifier
Lemon Peel Extract lemons astringent
Lemon Oil lemon peel aromatic
Lime Essential Oil lime peel and pulp aromatic, clarifying astringent
Magnesium Aluminum Silicate bentonite clay thickens emulsions & binds water
Magnesium Sulfate epsom cells skin soother, muscle relaxer
Marjoram herb anti-oxidant & skin soother
Melissa Essential Oil melissa plant stimulates metabolism, calms nerves
Menthol peppermint antiseptic, anti-irritant & cooling skin soother
Methyl Gluceth-10 glucose moisturizer, humectant, adds silky feel
Methyl Gluceth-20 glucose moisturizer, humectant, adds silky feel
Methyl Glucose Sesquisterate glucose moisturizer, humectant, adds silky feel
Methylparaben benzoic acid derivative preservative, inhibits bacterial growth
Mica natural mineral sparkling agent
Mineral Oil purified petroleum a light lubricant, forms a protective layer through which moisture cannot evaporate
Myristyl Propionate organic compound emollient
Nettle Extract nettle plant astringent, stimulating
Neroli Essential Oil flowers of bitter orange tree skin soother, calming
Nucleic Acids protein hair conditioner
Oat Flour oat grain absorbs oil, exfoliant
Octyl Methoxycinnamate organic compound sunscreen with a wide range of protective & a good history of safety
Oleth-5, -16, -20 oleic acid derivative moisturizer, emulsifer
Orange Oil orange peel aromatic
Ozokerite natural mineral wax thickener & stiffener used in lip gloss
Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) yeast, wheat germ conditioner, easily absorbed by hair
Papaya Extract papaya fruit exfoliant
Paraffin distillate of petroleum wood shale oil thickener
Passion Flower Extract passion flower soothing
Peg-15 Cocamine coconut oil derivative emulsifier
Peg-8 Dioleate organic compound of vegetable oil emulsifier
Peg-150 Distearate organic compound derived from fats & oils surfactant, emulsifier, builds viscosity
Peg-75 Lanolin lanolin derivative moisturizer, emulsifier, adds luster to hair
Peg-12 Oleate oleic acid derivative protect against moisture loss & oxidation, emulsifier, stabilizer
Peg-40 Stearate organic compound derived from fats & oils moisturizer, emulsifier
Pentasodium Triphosphate an inorganic salt derived from mono and disodium phosphates softener, emulsifier
Peppermint Essential Oil peppermint plant aromatic, antiseptic & stimulating
Petrolatum (Petroleum Jelly) petroleum emollient, forms effective moisture barrier
Pine Essential Oil pine tree branches warms muscles, stimulating aromatic
Polyquaternium-11 organic compound adds body, detangles hair
Polyquaternium-15 organic compound preservative, surfactant
Polysorbate-20, -60, -80 corn sugar derivative surfactant, emulsifier
Potassium Carbomer 934 organic compound gives viscosity & stability to lotion
Potassium Chloride salt lake brine thickener
Potassium Sorbate salt derived from sorbic acid preservative
PPG-20 Lanolin Ether lanolin derivative emollient, conditions skin for shaving
Propylene Glycol a poly-alcohol derived from natural gas humectant moisturizer, adds a lubricious, yet non-greasy feel
Propylene Glycol Stearate a poly-alcohol derived from natural gas emulsifier, lubricant
Propylparaben benzoic acid derivative preservative
Purified Water water boiled to remove bacteria without water, a formula would be solid
PVP Copolymer organic compound forms moisture barrier
Quaternium 15 organic compound preservative
Rose Essential Oil rosemary leaves aromatic, rejuvenating
Rosemary Extract rosemary flowers & leaves astringent, hair conditioner
Rye Flour rye grain exfoliator, thickener
Safflower Oil safflower seeds emollient, forms moisture barrier
Sage Extract sage leaves & flowers anti-oxidant, tones & purifies skin
Sambucus Extract elder flower tree astringent, emollient
Sandalwood Essential Oil ground roots & wood of tropical Asian evergreen skin-soothing, aromatic
Sea Kelp Extract pacific marine plants restores skin's health & vitality, hair conditioner
Sodium Bicarbonate food grade baking soda deodorant
Sodium Borate naturally occurring inorganic salt emulsifier
Sodium Chloride table salt or sea salt adjusts viscosity, preservative, softening
Sodium Citrate neutralized form of citric acid from citrus fruits exfoliator, enables skin to better absorb moisture
Sodium Lactate neutralized form of lactic acid from milk exfoliator, enables skin to better absorb moisture, humectant & softening
Sodium Lauramino-propionate coconut oil derivative mild surfactant
Sodium Laureth Sulfate coconut oil derivate cleanser, surfactant
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate coconut oil derivative cleanser, imparts good foaming, emulsifier
Sodium Myreth Sulfate coconut oil derivative med-strong cleanser, surfactant
Sodium O-Phenyl Phenate organic compound preservative
Sodium PCA amino acid derivative natural moisturizing factor, encourages moisture retention
Sodium Sesquicarbonate sodium carbonate alkalizer
Sodium Stearate stearic acid emulsifier
Sorbitan Sesquioleate derived from sorbitol & oleic acid emulsifier
Sorbitan Stearate derived from sorbitol & oleic acid emulsifier
Sorbitol corn sugar derivative humectant, moisturizer
Soy Protein soy strengthens hair shaft
Soydimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein soybeans & wheat strengthens hair shaft
Spearmint Essential Oil distillation of branches & needles of tree invigorating, aromatic
Spruce Essential Oil distillation of trunk, branches, needles of tree warms muscles, calming, aromatic
Stearalkonium Chloride stearic acid derivative hair detangler & softener
Steareth-2, -5, 16 stearic acid derivative thickens emulsions
Stearic Acid fatty vegetable acid moisturizer, emulsifier
Stearyl Alcohol stearic acid thickens & stabilizes emulsions
Sulfated Castor Oil castor bean emulsifier
Sweet Almond Oil sweet almonds emollient
Talc magnesium silicate oil & water absorbent
Tarragon Extract herb anti-oxidant
TEA Cocoate coconut oil derivative surfactant
TEA Lauryl Sulfate coconut oil derivative mild surfactant, mild-med cleanser
TEA Oleate oleic acid derivative surfactant, mild-med cleanser
TEA-Stearate stearic acid derivative surfactant, emulsifier, ph adjuster, stabilizer
Titanium Dioxide natural pigment gives products a white, creamy appearance; sunblock
Vegetable Oil plants emollient, medium that vitamins come in
Vitamin A Palmitate vitamin anti-oxidant, improves skin's health & smoothness
Vitamin B-5 Panthenol  yeast & wheat germ repairs & thickens hair, increases luster, helps retain moisture & increases elasticity
Vitamin D vegetable, occurs naturally in human cells essential nutrient for healthy skin & hair, moisturizer
Vitamin E Acetate vegetable oil anti-oxidant, preservative
Vitamin E Linoleate (Tocopherol Linoleate) vegetable oil derived from Vitamin E moisturizer, long-lasting skin protection
Walnut Oil husk of the walnut emollient
Wheat Germ Oil wheat germ emollient
Witch Hazel extract of leaves & bark of shrub mild astringent, toner & freshener
Xantham Gum natural carbohydrate gum thickener
Yarrow Extract herb astringent, stimulant
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil flowers grown in the Philippines uplifts the spirits & calms nerves
Zinc Oxide mineral compound sunblock