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The Soap Opera Circa 1974!

The Soap Opera Circa 1974!

We got a wonderful email and photo from our previous owner Chuck Bauer! Check out State street circa 1974!!

“In this, our second location, 1974 – 1982 for your archives – 312 State St – mid 1970’s (we were your age at the time and if anyone had told us – even remotely suggested – all that lay ahead – well, you know what I mean. Anyway, I hope your next 40 years are as good to you.) Chuck Beckwith and I designed and built the exterior sign which some say still looks pretty stylish forty-five years later. We were, however, clueless when it came to installation and took ridiculous risks, managing to drop a huge extension ladder over the sidewalk and into the street. By a stroke of luck both were empty. We had dodged our first bullet.

All the best,

The store may look a little different, but the love and atmosphere is still here.