The VIC Washing Square (Vic Face and Body Cloth)

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So sorry the Vic Facial cloth has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

The original VIC Face and Body Cloth is no longer in production.  We are keeping this page open as a means of communications between devoted fans.

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The original VIC Face and Body Cloth is no longer in production.  We are keeping this page open as a means of communications between devoted fans.  Also to help you find an alternative! 

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The VIC Face and Body Cloth is the natural foundation for all of your skin care needs. Used alone or with your favorite soap, the VIC Face and Body Cloth invigorates your skin, leaving it smooth and glowing.

The VIC special texture — ­no matter what your skin type — ­gently and deeply cleans and helps remove make-up, dirt and impurities, freeing your skin of dead, dull surface cells, and allows your complexion to look and feel its best.

The VIC cloth is a unique weave and fabric: created in England, hand cut and stitched, and amazing all-cotton exfoliating properties are here for you to experience.

Famous throughout the world, yet so hard to find, these English made 100% cotton washing squares are created using a proprietary system of knots that makes them feel like a brand new wash cloth nearly indefinitely. An amazingly pleasant and stimulating bathing tool you will find offers just the right degree of roughness. Exfoliating and excellent for the complexion, too. Unbleached white with assorted colored edging.

22 reviews for The VIC Washing Square (Vic Face and Body Cloth)

  1. Lynn

    I have used these towels for more than 25 years. I am sad to learn they are no longer in production. Was ready to buy more. I have even given them as gifts.

  2. Carolyn Ellis

    Please please bring them back!! These washing squares are so qreat! I originally purchased them at a Crabtree & Evelyn. I bought three of every color. That location was sold and I have not been able to find them until now. Please start production again!!!

  3. Patsy Clark

    I am shocked that I can’t find these washcloths. Where did they come from? Somebody grab that patent and mark them. Insane.

  4. Sheila Burke (verified owner)

    We need these back in production! Great face clothes.

  5. Trudy Wilson

    WOW! I have been buying these wonderful face cloths for years! Please start production on them as soon as possible. i have given these as gifts to my friends.

  6. tira

    Please restock! can’t find them anywhere just want a couple if you have any

  7. Katherine Ennis

    Have been using VIC face cloths for over 40 years. Where can I find them now ? Friends and family all love them- I have given them as Christmas gifts for years!! Any suggestions??

  8. Dorothy

    I have used these for 55 years. Please start making them again.

  9. Jessica

    I can’t believe I can’t find these cloths anymore.. has anyone found an alternative??

  10. Medeia

    I’ve just declared my last Vic cloth a complete rag. Having used them for over 30 years, I’m devastated to find they are no longer made. These really should be a perennial, as everyone now knows the benefit of exfoliating; instead we must buy something that will never work as well.

  11. dl

    i’ve bought these for years and need more pretty desperately. i don’t know what to get to use instead. so bummed. suggestions would be welcome.

    • Stacey Scannell (store manager)

      Hi There!
      We have a few suggested replacements in the description of this product. I hope that helps!

  12. Susan Baugher

    Please-Please-Please make more VIC Face & Body Cloths! I have used them for years. A good friend gave me one for my birthday
    probably ten or more years ago…at the time I thought, what a silly gift…but it didn’t take long for me to realize how unique the VIC cloth is. I have ordered several and picked them up in a little shop that is no longer in business.
    I just got on line to order more. I wanted to send a couple to my daughter and as gifts for a couple friends. What a shock to find out they’re no longer being manufactured. I feel like I’ve lost an old friend. Not sure if there’s anything else similar on the market.

    • Stacey Scannell (store manager)

      Hi Susan!

      It was a great cloth! We never made it though. It was made by a lady named Vic. She wanted to retire and could not find a manufacturer that could make it the same way, so she just stopped making it in 2016. She gave us her last few boxes but they didn’t last long, and we’ve been sold out for a while now. We have been talking with some companies to see if they could help, but a lot of those seem to be dead ends. We will defiantly alert the masses if we find a replacement.

      In the meantime, this face mitt has a similar texture and is a staff and customer favorite:


  13. Cin

    NOOOOOOOOO-just found out they are no more. I have been using them since the 70’s. Bought my first at Caswell Massey’s. WHAT WILL I DO NOW. There is nothing else like them.

  14. Lily White

    Seriously ….. the VIC is the best washcloth ever made. I had been purchasing going back to the 1970s in Atlanta. It is a darn shame that someone like Martha Stewart never grabbed on to these and purchased the company to keep it going. Is it possible that the company that knitted them in England (originally used as bandages during WWI and WWII) has extra fabric somewhere?

  15. Lynne

    Stacy, Please tell me how to get in touch with Vic, the woman who developed the VIC face and body cloth. I would like to see if she would be willing to tell me where to buy the cloth fabric. I am willing to start a cottage industry here in Santa Fe, NM to produce the cloths.

  16. Nancy R. Johnson

    I have tried contacting by email to the Vicora Inc. in MD and have never gotten a response. Monica D. Burdeshaw was the owner and she is now 86. I have been digging up information on this for years as I knew my clothes would someday wear out. I once saw something online that they had difficulty sourcing the material that makes up the cloth. I have searched and searched for hours on end looking up materials and nothing comes close to the VIC Cloth.

    • Stacey Scannell (store manager)

      Hi Nancy,
      Yes Monica would prefer to not be contacted. She asked us to keep her personal information personal, and we are doing that. She also decided to stop the company, not only because of her retirement age, but also because she was having difficulty getting the materials. We’re sad to report that many have tried to replicate it since she closed her shop, but no one has seemed to successfully get it done.

      We are only keeping this page open in case someone does make a replica or we hear some news about something close. That way we can pass it on to everyone whom is interested. We will continue to keep a close eye on it and pass on that information to you.


  17. Linda Davis

    The Vic cloth is the best thing I have ever used to clean my face! I believe if more people had experienced them they would have been tremendously popular. So sad!!!

  18. Cindy B

    I have a friend who gave me one about two years ago after I commented on how great her skin looks. I approached her about buying 1-5 more from her. She said she can’t share any more of her 50+ Vics. I am bummed because I love the one I have and use it daily. Oh well, I would love to find someone to manufacture them but I cannot give up my one as a sample!

  19. metromade

    I’ve been using these since 1977. The first one I bought at a health food store for $2.00. Everyone I knew started buying them after I told them about them. Recently, about a year ago I found new stock. There were 30 left. I bought 10. I was a fool. I should have bought all 30. I have 3 left as I gave them to my nearest and dearest and only if, they happened to mention that “great washcloth you always used.” 4 Family members and 2 friends asked. I used one. I have three in a fire retardant box. I’m not kidding.

  20. Anne B

    I’ve been using these wonderful cloths for years – maybe over 30 years. I’ve been using my last one until it was so full of holes that I just couldn’t use it anymore. Please keep all of us fans informed if a replacement ever becomes available. I know it won’t be the same, but I’m sure it will be better than a regular wash cloth.

  21. Sue Gilman

    So sad the Vic is gone. So happy you are a resource for understanding what happened and keeping the faith that something comes along to replace it. When I learned they were no more I went online. Someone had one for $160! What a beautiful product it was. Thanks so much!

  22. Judith Winters

    I give the product a 5-star rating. The best ever. This is a fantastic wash cloth. My entire family loves them. I am so sorry to hear they are no longer available. Hopefully, someone can get them back in production or come up with a similar product.

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