Opie’s Goats Made in Wisconsin Organic Goatmilk Soap


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Opie’s Goats Made in Wisconsin Organic Goatmilk Soap: 100% Organic, pure super-mild Goatmilk Soap handmade in rural Wisconsin using local ingredients.

Soap, Just Soap This is the base formula for all soaps. Loads of raw goat milk, olive oil , coconut oil and palm oil, all certified organic. Sweet orange essential oil is added for the skin benefits of Vitamin C and the fresh scent. Use this soap for shaving, shampooing AND for dogs. Throw in the laundry too as a natural stain remover. Super moisturizing soap that seals your skin with naturally occurring glycerin.
Original Soap Loaded with ingredients known to help problem skin. Cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, stinging nettle, coffee, green tea and cinnamon essential oil. Ideal for problem skin: rosacea, psoriasis, acne, eczema, dry skin. Caffeine is known to stimulate cell growth and reduce cellulite. Turmeric dates back to the dark ages as a remedy that eases psoriasis. Ginger settles redness, is good for migraines, motion sickness, nausea, and has many other healthy properties. Cinnamon helps acne and is known to help regulate sugar levels in diabetics. Stinging nettle was used traditionally for allergies.
Berry Good Made with wild blackberries picked on the farm in Wisconsin. They provide antioxidants and the seeds gently exfoliate. Added orange peel and sweet orange essential oil for fragrance and vitamin C for the synthesis of collagen and to reduce free radicals.
“Thank you for your prompt delivery of the wonderful soaps, etc, which arrived so quickly today. I greatly appreciate the wonderful products and careful packaging.” Best wishes and Stay safe and soapy, Karl

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