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This honey is from the flowers, trees, parks, and gardens of Madison itself. Hives are hosted by local businesses and residents of the Madison, Wisconsin metropolitan area, including the owners of The Soap Opera, and next year we will have even more hives on the flat roof of this building itself. Mad Urban Bees pollinate gardens and flowers all over Madison. In fact, you have probably seen them yourselves, busily going about their business. This honey is unique to Madison, a truly artisanal, unique honey. Interestingly, there are many independent urban beekeepers in Madison, and we are a pro-bee town. Madison also has a very strong local food movement. Yes, bees thrive in the city. They actually can do better in the city than in the country. Cities have so many flowering trees, gardens, and ornamental flowers, so the bees have a wonderful variety of nectar and pollen to choose from. Madison also has a longer growing season than the surrounding farmland. And bees use everything in an urban setting: they eat pollen and nectar from basswood, apple and crabapple trees, dandelions, creeping charlie, bergamot, sedum, asters, mint, oregano, roses, and many others. And this large variety of food sources really improves the health of the bees, and the taste of the honey. So TRY SOME today and help out our hard working friends the honeybees, and our local “Bee Wrangler”, Nathan Clarke of Mad Urban Bees LLC !

“Used some Urban Honey to sweeten a cup of tea made out of this fancy ginseng powder recently purchased for me in Hong Kong. Delicious!” –Robert S.

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