Primal Elements


Primal Elements was born out of a need. Faith and Scott Freeman, founders of Primal Elements, initially owned a bath, body and aromatherapy shop in Belmont Shore, CA. In 1993, due to the difficulty of obtaining unique soaps for their store, they started designing creative handmade soaps in a class of their own.

Also developed was the concept of Soap-by-the-Inch, which personalizes the shopping experience for the customer. It allows hands-on interaction between the retailer and the client by hand-slicing and wrapping each individual bar.

In 1999, Primal Elements expanded its product base to include the home and personal fragrance market. Contained in clear glass vessels, Color Bowl have revolutionized the candle industry. Our patented Parage technology, a special blend of wax and translucent gel pieces, results in a spectacular design that produces a stained glass effect with an increased burn time.

Since its inception in 1993, the Primal Elements line has expanded, reaching around the world in all facets of the Bath, Body and Fragrance market.

The dedicated efforts of Faith and Scott Freeman were honored June 2000, as they received the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. This award recognizes the successful efforts of individuals launching their own business venture. The husband-and-wife team’s entrepreneurial leadership has enabled Primal Elements to become the trend-setting manufacturer it is today and the innovator of tomorrow.

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