Nubian Heritage


Nubian Heritage got their start as street vendors in Harlem. Fresh out of college and without jobs, they set out to bring the healing traditions of African Black Soap and Shea Butter to the community they loved. Short on experience, but full of passion and determination, they used our knowledge of culturally authentic healing traditions to create their natural skin and body treatments back in 1992, and every day since.

Passionate about sharing their products and the cultures they come from, they’ve been guided by the community’s demand for wellness products that spoke to their unique needs and have drawn on the rich healing philosophies of these communities around the globe

Guided- by the legacy of ancient Nubia, the world’s first melting pot, they remix global healing traditions into modern wellness solutions. Ancient Nubia was once a center of cultural trade — a place where goods, ideas, and customs from across Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean came together, influenced each other, and then spread across the ancient world. That’s the inspiration behind Nubian Heritage. They bring together traditional healing practices, cultural wisdom and indigenous ingredients, remix them and create modern natural solutions for skin and hair. This is their mission: to make cultural exchange the model for transforming the global community.

Their journey has been a long one, and it’s far from over. What began in Harlem continues globally as they empower individuals with healing traditions, rituals, and philosophies from around the world. They’re constantly developing new products and remedies, and discovering and sharing new paths to wellness.

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