A Word From Mistral

The true test of any personal care product is its power to transform you. At Mistral, we take our name from a wind which brings change and transformation throughout the region of Provence. Every product we create honors the very spirit of the legendary Mistral wind and informs our core philosophy of change. When you apply one of our nourishing body care products, bathe with our exquisite soaps, or inhale one of our signature fragrances, your skin will soften and beautify, your mood will brighten, and your spirit will be soothed. It is this journey, both sensory and experiential, that guides our research and product development team in their quest.

This could sound like a lofty goal for our products, however, with the fields and perfumers of Provence, we have the world’s most wonderfully unique selection of natural ingredients, knowledge, and talent as our laboratory. From the lush fields of lavender, linden trees and sparkling summer sunflowers, we select pure steam-distilled oils, essences of flowers and fruits for their natural benefits, and use time-honored techniques refined and enhanced over the centuries. Every Mistral formulation blends the best of modern science with the age-old wisdom and traditions of the past.

At the heart of each Mistral product is a special fragrance crafted in Grasse, which is then formulated for each product. This transformative power and energy carried forth on the slightest breeze, comes to you as cream on your hand, a bubble in the bath, or a bar of soap, imparting an unmistakable aroma that infuses your spirit filling you with joy. When the regal scent of perfect gardenia smells exactly like the flower in morning dew, or the invigorating aroma of lemon verbena picked fresh and rubbed in one’s fingers reaches your nose evoking a noon garden, we know you will feel the transformative spirit of Mistral.

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