Mad Urban Bees


Mad Urban Bees was founded by Nathan Clarke and his bees. Mad Urban Bees started small, with just two hives in Nathan’s backyard. Now, with the help of local bees advocates, Nathan manages 80 hives in the Madison area.

The hives are located in the cities of Madison, Middleton, and Monona, hosted by local businesses and residents (including The Soap Opera!). The bees pollinate the gardens, trees, and flowers all over the Madison area. In fact, you’ve probably seen them yourselves, busily going about their business. The bees actually thrive in the city, which has a longer growing season than the surrounding farmland. The variety of flowering trees, gardens, and ornamental flowers give the bees a wide range of nectar to choose from. The result is honey that is truly unique to Madison, a truly artisanal, unique honey.

Urban Honey has a unique flavor that is light, floral, and spicy. It also changes with the seasons due to different flowering periods. The honey is extracted and bottled in small batches, to promote the seasonality. Each batch has its own flavor profile, so no two bottles are exactly the same!

Try some today, and help out our hard-working friends, the honeybees!

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