Gnome Serum


Having built a successful hemp based all natural soap company over the last decade it was no surprise when CBD’s, or Whole Plant Industrial Hemp Extractions, became available nationally, so the owner decided to start Gnome Serum™.

Gnome Serums owners first company was started in an attempt to solve his son’s eczema problem. Based on the results he received from the hemp based concoctions formulated in his kitchen. When hemp extractions, or what really is a hemp essential oil, became available he began to utilize it as a supplement. Soon after, he decided to give those same supplements to his daughter Alexis. She is a lover of life who writes poetry and loves to sing and dance. The fact that she has Down-Syndrome only adds to her charm. Since starting on the supplements, Alexis’ wit has sharpened and her overall processing speed has increased. We believe in this powerful, all-natural ingredient; abundantly grown right here in the US market.

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