Since we started in 1972 the health of the environment and recycling has always been a huge part of our business model.  We want to reduce plastic waste, reuse shipping materials in good condition, and provide quality products, made from amazing ingredients from our earth, that in return will not harm our environment when put back into it.

ANY of our house brand products can be brought back in and we will refill the bottle for you.
You save $0.25 every time you do it as well (discount does not apply to perfume or essential oils in glass vials). No need to get a new bottle every time, when the old one works just fine!

Find out House products HERE 

We can help you be a smart consumer as well.  Shop small, spend your money with a business supporting a cause, and know that what you are purchasing you will truly enjoy.  The Soap Opera has been a small locally owned shop since the beginning.  We support several non-profits and causes every month with different events, as well as the environment with our products and recycling program.  With many rave reviews you can trust, when you purchase something at The Soap Opera, you will love it.  If you don’t, that’s alright too!  We are happy to refund of exchange the product for you.

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