The Soap Opera has acquired a new toothpaste; and it’s name is Marvis! I don’t usually get so excited about toothpaste,but Marvis Toothpaste from Italy is really fantastic. The packaging is fun,stylish,elegant,and SHINY! I absolutely LOVE the Bling. It would even make the perfect gift, which is not usual for toothpaste. Marvis Toothpaste has also earned a name to fame in menswear fashion domain, interesting fact.


I am especially fond of the Jasmin Mint variety. Yes please! It has jasmine; I’ll take it! This toothpaste really thrills me! I am such a fan of anything that has jasmine included,whether it be perfumes, soaps,lotions,food or pretty much everything! The Marvis Jasmin Mint flavor is exquisite,impeccable, and authentic. I find that the Jasmin Mint variety tastes comparable to a really fine,pleasurable Jasmine Green Tea. Yum! And that is not how I would usually describe a toothpaste!  Not only does this toothpaste taste sublime; this wonderful gem leaves your mouth clean and fresh, as a toothpaste should. I even notice the fresh feeling lasting hours after using it. Most varieties of Marvis Toothpaste have a strong mint base combined with another fun flavor. Here at The Soap Opera, we have 3 varieties for you to enjoy currently-Jasmin Mint(My Favorite),Classic Strong Mint,and Whitening Mint.


Find the Marvis Toothpaste Selection at The Soap Opera here: Marvis Toothpastes



It’s not often that I am exited about toothpaste; but Marvis Toothpaste is that special something that I must rave about! In the world of toothpaste, the Star of the show, Marvis deserves your attention.  Come check it out!


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