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I’m wildly excited about a new line that just arrived at The Soap Opera. Initially, I was simply thrilled to sample the delicious smelling soaps and lotions. That is until I learned the story behind the Fabulous Beekman Boys (aka Beekman 1802). These two gents left the Big Apple to permanently reside at their farm in Sharon Springs, NY (after losing their jobs). Not to mention, they won the “Amazing Race” competition in 2012.

The Beekman Farm is essentially a goat farm, where they started making goat soaps and cheese. It didn’t take long for their product list to grow and that’s the real reason we are here – the products!

The Soap Opera currently has an assortment of Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps and lotions including Fragrance-Free, Davesforth, Honeyed Grapefruit, White Water, Vanilla Absolute, and Honey & Orange Blossom. The soaps lather up nicely and the lotions blend into your skin well without greasy residue. The products are pleasantly fragrant ( or fragrance free) and beautifully packaged. They would make a great gift, as long as you include yourself when purchasing.

In addition, The Soap Opera carries three shampoo bars including Activated Charcoal, Pure Goat Milk, and Honeyed Grapefruit. I can’t comment on the performance, as I have not used them. In fact, I have never used a shampoo bar in my life, so maybe this would be a good time to give one a try.  They seem very creamy, as if they would not dry out the hair too much.

Come on down and check out the product line. You can even sample the soaps with these adorable smaller versions, which are perfect for travel. 

I would love to pay a visit to the Beekman farm one day, and I think the journey would be a perfect business trip (hint hint).


-Sherry BonDurant

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soooooo your “fragrance-free” bar soap actually has essential oils, which is actually a ”fragrance”….. correct? Or do you make a soap that has to fragrance smell to it?


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