My new position at The Soap Opera has had me yearning to try the oodles of products staring me in the face day after day. I haven’t been into make-up of late; however, that is quickly changing since I started working here.

I recently purchased an array of products, but this post is going to focus on one particular line because Pacifica is so fabulous that it stands alone. Pacifica hails from Portland and all of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Here’s an overview of the Pacifica products I purchased at The Soap Opera:

1. Wild Rose Blushious – This delicious pink shade is extremely flattering and one brush stroke is enough for daytime wear. The blush is infused with coconut and rose and stays put once applied.

2. Natural Minerals Eyeliner – I chose gunmetal and it’s the perfect neutral shade that works well for day or evening. I love how easy it glides on and I re-apply for a more dramatic look.

3. Ultra CC Cream Foundation – this amazing foundation made with coconut water illuminates and color corrects your skin. It makes my skin look and feel baby soft with a glow. Bonus points for providing 100% broad spectrum SPF 17 protection.

4. Dreamlit Illuminating Under Eye Brightener – This product is a dream! I dab it over my concealer to make my dark, tired eyes radiant and perky. This is a lifesaver in the morning.

5. Cactus Revive Face Wash – Get your face squeaky clean with cactus and saltwater bubbles. This foam wash is fortified with cactus oil, vitamin E, and coconut, which makes it great for mature skin. It also smells divine.

I feel really good about these products and thank The Soap Opera profusely for introducing them to me. I’m excited at the prospect of trying more from this product line, and my gratitude to Pacifica for making my face sparkle!

You can find the entire line here:

-Sherry BonDurant 

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